Shea + Lindsey's Wedding

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Yup, we're finally getting married after 8 years together. After thinking about it for a quite a while, we decided on a beach wedding. We will be getting married on April 26th, 2014 in Bradenton Beach, Florida.

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Can't Make It to the Beach?

Don't worry about it! We know a destination wedding is a lot to ask of everyone. We're planning on having an informal reception back in Iowa for anyone that couldn't make it.

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Photo of Lindsey and Shea

About Lindsey & Shea

We met by chance while attending Iowa State University and had our first date in 2004 on April Fools Day. Through thick and thin, we've been together ever since.

After graduating we both moved to fabulous Des Moines, Iowa and have a great group of friends both in town and across the continent. Lindsey is currently working at Wells Fargo, but her main passion is ceramics. She has been volunteering at the Des Moines Art Center and setting up her home studio lately. Shea has been working as a software developer since graduating and just took a position at a local startup called Dwolla. We also have a big goofball of a dog named Indy.

In 2012 we finally decided it was time to get married and Shea proposed on our anniversary at the campanile on Iowa State's central campus.